"Stock Investing Made Easy" Series - November

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7:30 pm - 8:45 pm CT
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 Finding Hidden Gems
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
7:30 pm CDT

People can go a lifetime looking for diamonds or precious jewels but never find them. In this session, you will be handed hidden gems. Our three instructors: Mary Enright, Avi Horwitz, and Tim Janneck will focus their presentations on hidden gems that can help improve your portfolio’s performance. We will show you where to find gems and how to use them to improve your stock studies and portfolio return.

The Space Between the Lines
We are familiar with the Stock Selection Guide. We see lines that show the growth of Sales, Pre-Tax Profit, and Earnings Per Share. But what about the lines you don’t normally see, and what might be hidden in blank spaces? Join Mary Enright as she explores how to improve your SSG judgments by learning to read the things you just don’t see. Mary Enright is President of the Heartland Chapter and has been a member of BetterInvesting since 1998. She has served as a director of the NIA Board (a predecessor to the BIVA Board) and has served as a National Volunteer and has run the office at BINC for many years. Mary is retired from the banking industry.

Help! I Married the Stock
Many of us struggle with selling stocks. In this session, Avi Horwitz will look at why it is so important to sell and the effect of not selling. We will look at a case study showing how not selling can reduce return on your portfolio. Abraham (Avi) Horwitz is a well-known presenter having taught at the MoneyShow, BINC, and for BetterInvesting chapters nationwide. In addition, Avi regularly presents classes for BetterInvesting online using GoToMeeting. In May 2016, Avi was the recipient of The George A. Nicholson Jr. Distinguished Service Award in Investment Education. Avi serves as a director for five Chapters and served as BIVAB’s Chapter Support Chair. He was a founding Director of the BIVAB (BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory (BIVA) Board). In his spare time, Avi is a Certified Public Accountant with his own practice in New York City.

Why did I do that?
Most people simply make investing decisions unaware of the factors that influence those decisions. Sometimes we regret a decision we made and are not quite sure why we made it. In this segment, Tim Janneck will look at some of the underlying psychological reasons for investing decisions so that the attendee can learn to consider whether these factors might be influencing their future decisions. Tim Janneck is President of the Alaska Chapter and has served as President, Vice-President, and Secretary. He is a founding director of the Chapter. Tim has retired from engineering and credits BetterInvesting with providing him the tools and guidance allowing him to retire early. He continues to be involved in BetterInvesting and is one of the Chapter’s instructors. Tim was a proud recipient of the Thomas E. O’Hara Award in 2017. He is also happy that our SSG classes no longer require an overhead projector and manual graphing tools.

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