StockUp: Portfolio Management Using SSGPlus™

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8:30 pm - 9:45 pm ET
Online Event
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Learn how to use the Portfolio Reports in SSGPlus to manage your portfolio. The session begins with a hands-on demonstration to enter stocks in a sample portfolio and generate the Summary, Diversification and PERT reports in SSGPlus. Once the reports are generated, the Summary report is sorted by Total Return and % of Portfolio to determine how stocks are weighted and find opportunities to improve the portfolio. The Diversification report is analyzed to identify portfolio diversification across company size, sector, and industry compared to the recommended stratification. Finally, the PERT report is explored to identify challenges with individual stocks that should be monitored over time. 

It is recommended that the attendee print out the slide presentation  for note-taking as we walk through the preparation of the portfolio reports.

Robin Ware has been a member of BetterInvesting since 1997. She became a volunteer with the North Florida Chapter in 2019 and currently serves as its President. Robin received BetterInvesting’s 2021 O’Hara Service award for her contributions to the North Florida Chapter. She is also a long-time member of the American Association of Individual Investors.

Robin was a senior executive with the United States Postal Service for 38 years, holding leadership positions in operations, engineering, customer service, sales, and training and development. In these roles, she designed, developed and implemented many leading-edge technology solutions with significant financial impact, helping the Postal Service improve its operations.

Robin helped co-workers, friends and family understand personal finance as part of a lifelong interest in finance. While studying for her master's degree in 1996, she and her classmates started an investment club and joined the National Association of Investment Clubs, now known as BetterInvesting. She founded a second investment club with a diverse group of professional women in 2019. Robin holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from New Jersey State University, an MBA in Finance from George Mason University, completed the Senior Executive Program at Columbia University, New York, and completed the Certified Financial Planner course at the University of Central Florida. Robin loves to travel, golf, and run half marathons in her spare time. She has completed a half marathon in all 50 states.

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This class is intended for those familiar with the SSG but may be new to using SSGPlus. 

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