BetterInvesting's Portfolio Tools Tutorial

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1:00 pm - 2:15 pm ET
Online Event
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BetterInvesting's online stock tools provide the ability to group stocks into portfolios. In addition, essential reports are provided, allowing quick review of a portfolio's quality, diversification and potential return. This tutorial demonstrates how to set up new stock portfolios and edit existing portfolios in the Portfolios and Studies section the SSGPlus and CoreSSG apps. Learn how to use the Portfolio Summary, PERT and Portfolio Diversification reports, which display key quality, valuation and return metrics, to monitor and manage stock portfolios.  Portfolio reports help to identify the best investments where new money can be put to work, as well as portfolio holdings that may need to be replaced due to weak fundamentals or low expected return.  

Suzi Artzberger, BetterInvesting's Director of Information Technology and the Online Tools Product Manager, leads this tutorial .


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