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At Kellogg Company (NYSE: K), we strive to enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter. Our beloved brands include Pringles®, Cheez-It®, Keebler®, Special K®, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes®, Pop-Tarts®, Kellogg's Corn Flakes®, Rice Krispies®, Eggo®, Mini-Wheats®, Kashi®, RXBAR® and more. Net sales in 2018 were approximately $13.5 billion, comprised principally of snacks and convenience foods like cereal and frozen foods. Kellogg brands are beloved in markets around the world. We are also a company with Heart & Soul, committed to creating three billion Better Days by the end of 2025 through our "Breakfasts for a Better Day" global purpose platform.

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Stock Information
Ticker Symbol: K
Listed on the following exchange: NYSE
Dividend: Yes
Dividend Reinvestment Plan: Yes
Direct Stock Purchase Plan: Yes
Initial investment is only $50.00 USD.  This includes a onetime enrollment fee.  Kellogg pays all purchase, transfer and dividend transaction fees.  Minimum investment thereafter is $25.00 USD.
Transfer Agent Information 
Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
161 North Concord Place
South St. Paul, MN 55075
 Toll free 877-910-5385
 International 651-450-4064
 Ways to purchase our stock
1.  Buy through Transfer Agent. 
2.  Buy through brokerage firm of your choice.

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IR Contact Name: Ellen Leithold
IR Phone Number: (269) 961-2800
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P.O. Box 3599 Investor Relations
Battle Creek, Michigan, 49016 

Partner Facts  

  1. In 1894, the Kellogg brothers and Mrs. John H. Kellogg invented flaked cereal by mistake.
  2. Michigan State University students made a 3,000lb Rice Krispies Treats square to get into the Guiness Book of World Records.
  3.  Kellogg Company has consistently paid a dividend to shareowners for over 82 years.
  4.  Kellogg Company was the first company in 1930 to print nutrition messages, recipes and product information on its packages.
  5. Even though it was first introduced back in 1916, All-Bran is the fastest growing brand for Kellogg Company on a global basis.
  6. The orginal name of Kellogg Company was the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flakes Company.
  7. Production at the first Kellogg cereal plant outside of North America was in Botany, Australia in 1924.
  8. If the total number of cereal boxes sold by Kellogg since 1906 was put side by side, the line would wrap around the Earth 3,000 times.
  9. Kelloggs Corn Flakes has been to space - aboard Apollo 11, the first lunar landing. The cereal was mixed with fruit and pressed into cubes because the lack of gravity kept the astronauts from puring milk into a bowl.
  10. Americans eat over 2 billion Pop-Tarts toaster pastries a year; totaling a weight of over 18,000 elephants.
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