ToolKit 6

Want to make smarter stock investing decisions? 

The world's most popular software for fundamental stock analysis. This easy-to-use software puts you on the road to more profitable investing. Provides unprecedented ease of stock evaluation, plus tools that help you set up and review your stock portfolios.

Key Features: 

  • Utilize Toolkit 6's complete suite of stock analysis forms and portfolio reports that identify stocks that are good possibilities for investment -- and stocks that should be avoided.
  • Develop your own model of any stock's likely future performance, current valuation, and optimal buy price.
  • Download, import, and update ten years of historical data for any company using Morningstar data from (separate subscription required).
  • Get early warning alerts from Toolkit 6's unique portfolio management system, flagging companies that are potentially over-priced or those that may be experiencing troubles.

Toolkit 6 Download: $99

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