About Us

The National Association of Investment Clubs, or NAIC, was founded in 1951. Since then the name was changed to the National Association of Investors, doing business as BetterInvesting. BetterInvesting is dedicated to providing a program of sound investment information, education and support that helps create successful lifetime investors. Learn more about how our mission and investing methodology has helped millions of people become better, more informed investors. 

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The BetterInvesting Mission & Methodology for Investing in Stocks

BetterInvesting provides common sense investment education and an easy to learn method of selecting and analyzing stocks.

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Does the BetterInvesting Methodology Work?

The stock investment clubs and individual investors of the BetterInvesting community talk about how our common-sense education and stock analysis tools have helped them.

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Our History of Helping Stock Investors

BetterInvesting has helped people learn fundamental long term stock investing since 1951.

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Our Team

We are a nonprofit, volunteer-based, member-driven organization. Our staff, along with a dedicated community of volunteers across America, teach the organization’s principles and time-tested methodology to individuals and investment clubs.

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BetterInvesting Reports & Policies

BetterInvesting governing documents, polices and reports include the bylaws, code of ethics that sets standards for our conduct, financial reporting and other policies.

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National Association of Investors/BetterInvesting News

Updates regarding BetterInvesting Magazine's monthly Stock to Study and Undervalued Stock selections, BetterInvesting Top 100 Index performance, and other association developments.

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