Investment Club Accounting

The online investment club accounting and portfolio management application is the most widely used website in the world for investment club administration and communication.

It offers full partnership accounting features, including optional year-end tax printing, plus several popular features that make being in a club easy and fun. Data interchange with Club Accounting for Windows is seamless.

Key Features:  

  • Private, personalized club website
  • Email compatible message boards
  • Private club calendar
  • File storage area for exchanging SSGs, minutes, photos, etc.
  • More than 35 essential portfolio and stockwatcher reports
  • Annual federal and state tax forms (optional)
  • Full investment club (partnership) accounting
  • Industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • Variable levels of access for each member
  • End-of-day stock quotes to help track portfolio performance
  • Online customer support — 24-hour maximum response time
  • Telephone support — expert help just a call away to Investment Club Accounting

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