Does the BetterInvesting Methodology Work?

You can take our word for it, check the metrics or ask our members...

Hear from BetterInvesting stock investment clubs and individual investors how our unbiased, in-depth investor education and powerful online stock analysis tools have helped them and helped shape impressive performance as demonstrated by the BetterInvesting 100 Total Return Index (BIXR).

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Besides the resounding feedback from our members, another way we know the methodology works is through how our members apply their education, i.e., through data.

We have established an equal-weighted index to track performance, much like the S&P500 Equal-Weight Index.

The BetterInvesting 100 Total Return Index (BIXR) is comprised of the 100 companies whose stock is most widely held by NAIC/BetterInvesting Members as of the close of the previous calendar year.

Independent firm Solactive, an international provider of financial indices, maintains and tracks the data for BIXR. Look at the data for yourself.

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Stories and Advice From our Members

Hear what our members have to say about BetterInvesting. They report first-hand how they have benefited from their BetterInvesting membership.

They detail how our unbiased, in-depth investor education has helped them; and touch on the benefits of using our powerful online stock analysis tools and attending our online classes and webinars.

They will also share some practical tips on how to begin your journey to become a better investor.

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Emily Leland

“I’ve been a BetterInvesting member for 15 years, but grew up with an investment club as an always present part of my life. My parents never shied away from discussing financial topics with me and my two brothers — nothing to hide, no subject was off limits. I’m definitely going to share investing with our daughter! It’s incredibly important for girls, and subsequently women, to be engaged in their finances.

"I used to buy some junky penny stocks with my 'fun money,' hoping to hit it big! Now I buy companies with a long-term vision, quality financials and/or nice dividends. It gives me more peace of mind having a longer time horizon for the stories to play out. My lifelong dream is to FIRE up (Financial Independence, Retire Early)!”

Futurevest Investment Club of Belleville, Michigan

The Futurevest Investment Club, which was founded in 1998, sought to be empowered in their own financial well-being and were not hesitant to learn new things.

Part of what makes Futurevest unique is its founding by matriarchs who then encouraged their children to be active participants. As time passed, the next generation came to the helm and was encouraged to take responsibility for their own financial health and knowledge. This “next next” generation has in turn brought increased technological skill and a different, oftentimes broader, vision of the world.

“We include social responsibility in our discussions, always looking for companies that seem aligned with our values and beliefs. We have sold companies when we personally disagreed with management practices.

“Futurevest has provided a way to keep our families and lifelong friends close as our lives grow and change. As a club, we always appreciate the wisdom of our members. We continue to learn to be brave as we face adversity, and we never forget to love one another and cherish the gift of each day.”

George Deal

“I’ve learned a lot from BetterInvesting’s First Cut stock studies and from the monthly TickerTalk sessions offered to members. The user friendly website allows me to navigate easily while researching its educational resources. As vice president of my investment club, I’m always sharing new topics and study guides from the website.”

L’Argent Investment Club of Louisiana

"Before buying or selling a stock. L’Argent evaluates the BetterInvesting Stock Selection Guide, and other financial publications. Many members remember when all these calculations for evaluation were done by hand.

“Members say that almost all their research leads to sound buy and sell decisions.

“Through the ups and downs in the economy, L’Argent has remained solvent and prosperous!"

Ira Haas

"I’m a retired nuclear engineer/certified health physicist. My career in nuclear power with a specialty in radiation safety was influenced by the Cold War 'duck-and-cover' era. Since retiring, Ginny and I have become active volunteers through the American Red Cross.

"Our family’s portfolio has tripled in value since I’ve joined BetterInvesting. We’re using our investment gains to pay for our comfortable retirement. We fully paid for our daughter’s college and graduate school."

Capital Gains Investment Club

"At its origin in 1967, the Capital Gains Investment Club joined BetterInvesting and the membership has continued to this day.
"The club’s value as of February 2019 was $1,008,998.23. In addition, the club’s paid out over $831,284.94 to members who have withdrawn from the club over the years.
"The Capital Gains Investment Club is proud and happy regarding its many years of investing. The club’s helped educate current and former members about the value of investing in equities. The results have been additional financial security for its members."

Milan Research Club

“Anecdotal history has it that the founding members of the Milan Research Club were meeting informally as early as 1949, but they didn’t formalize the club until December 1956. The club was approved by NAIC (now BetterInvesting) on Jan. 16, 1957, as club No. 2103.
“As of Dec. 31, 2017, our portfolio of 32 stocks was valued at $1.19 million. We credit our club’s longevity and success to doing our homework and investing in high-quality, dividend-paying companies. We’ve also had the fortitude to ride out the inevitable downturns and not sell in a panic.”

Horizon Investment Club

"We have an uncanny knack for knowing when to sell potentially losing stocks, and our portfolio has seen great appreciation even in market downturns. BetterInvesting has provided helpful research, webinars, articles and opinions along the way.

"Our members are as diverse as our holdings. Members include businesswomen, business owners and an attorney. Our lighthearted meetings are filled with socializing and our continued interest in learning has broadened our knowledge of the investment world. Friendship and camaraderie are what have kept us together after all these years."

Elaine Huang

"I immigrated to the U.S. with my husband and two children in 1982.

"Inspired by Peter Lynch’s book 'Beating the Street,' I decided to learn how to invest by joining an investment club. Our club of 16 members quickly joined BetterInvesting (then NAIC). We’ve learned so much over the past 20 years.

"Being a scientist, I find little difficulty in studying investments. I truly enjoy using the Stock Selection Guide to analyze stocks and since joining BetterInvesting, I haven’t bought a single stock without completing one.

"We didn’t know how expensive a college education was until our two children reached their teens. We started late in investing for that, but luckily the growth in the ’90s was enough to pay for their college tuition.

"With the lesson learned, we invested early in our two granddaughters’ education funds at their first birthdays. It will be a big help in getting them through their education."

The Good Friends Investment Club

Do you want to make a million dollars by retirement? Well, this investment club has done it! Our member spotlight this week features the Good Friends Investment Club of Southern California. This California couples club has $4 million in their extremely diversified portfolio.

“Our main principle of investing has been dollar-cost averaging, diversification, dividend reinvestment programs and a periodic review to update securities in the same industry with better risk to reward ratios.

“Since its founding in 1994, the club has been a remarkable learning experience for all members — each gained many friends, enjoyed fabulous feasts, learned investment methodology as well as achieved confidence in investment management.”

Women's Investment Network

“BetterInvesting gives us a structure for regular, monthly investing, which is key to building wealth. One year we were even recognized as the most successful club in Texas based on our year-over-year growth. We were also the first club to add a member through BetterInvesting’s Find-A-Club (now Visit-A-Club) online effort.
“Overall, we’re pretty good at what we do, with more winners than losers. So continuing to make money is an incentive to stick with the club.”

Edgewood Stock Club

“On Feb. 8, 1966, 12 teachers organized the first meeting of the Edgewood Stock Club. The club decided early on that it would become a member of the National Association of Investment Clubs (now BetterInvesting) and that it would follow the investment guidelines of the national organization. The Stock Selection Guide became the foundation of our research for stock purchase possibilities.
“We still put great value in the study of stocks using the Stock Selection Guide. Thanks to the tools of BetterInvesting, the learning process goes on!”

Linda Marsh

“If I were making recommendations for people also hoping for a financially secure future, I’d tell them to start by learning to invest with BetterInvesting. Then allocate a limited amount of money and make their first investments. As they gain confidence and see their portfolio grow, they’ll want to invest even more to achieve their goals.
“I am passionate about BetterInvesting. Without its tenets, we wouldn’t have been able to retire at age 61. I think my BI membership is the best money I have ever spent. More important than the dollar amount that members are able to earn through their investments is the peace of mind knowing they can gain financial security if they adhere to BI’s investing principles.
“My No. 1 dream for my investments was to someday be able to live life at a slower pace. In retirement, that dream has already come true.”

12 Karats Investment Club

“One of our members suggested joining BetterInvesting. It’s a good resource for the first-time investor as well as for those with experience. The magazine and website have interesting articles that help us to measure how we are doing compared with other investment clubs.
“We’ve already had members use investment gains for closing costs, new car down payments and tuition. Other members envision using theirs for future vacations and retirement.
“What makes our club unique is our 20 years of commitment with true friendship. We are in it for the long haul!”

Michael Crawford

“BetterInvesting has given me a wealth of investing information and experience and made me a far more diligent researcher and consistent investor. BI’s guiding principles are what kept me disciplined and focused on continuing to invest during the market crash of 2008.

“When I joined the federal government, I set a goal to build my retirement account to more than $1 million by the time I retired. I shared that goal with my wife, sons and a few close friends, and they all politely laughed.
“Well, no one is laughing now: Not only have I met my goal, I’ve exceeded it, and well before my retirement next year. Adding in my nonretirement accounts raises that total even higher.
“I believe most, if not all, successful investors have a passion for investing. If I had to give other investors advice, I’d say to remain in a continuous learning mode: Understand there’s always something new to learn and apply it to your investing practices.”
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