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BetterInvesting Magazine: The Official Publication of BetterInvesting

This premier investment magazine, published in both print and digital formats, provides critical investment information and education as well as stock ideas to help you achieve your long-term goals. Written by knowledgeable, unbiased investing and financial experts and covering all investor experience levels, BetterInvesting Magazine helps subscribers make informed investment decisions.


Many of BetterInvesting’s writers are Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder(s) and Certified Financial Planner™ professional(s).

Our digital version, provided free as a feature of membership, is fully interactive, with integrated navigation, search, bookmarking and note-taking functions, with links to many investing information resources in each issue. 

We also offer a mobile app for Android, Apple and Amazon devices.    

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BetterInvesting Magazine Staff

BetterInvesting's flagship publication is written and edited by professional journalists and investing experts.

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Stock Selection & Analysis

BetterInvesting Magazine readers actively seek new stock investment ideas appropriate for long-term investing. Every issue the magazine's editors offer stock screens and transaction data from, BetterInvesting subsidiary ICLUBcentral's club accounting portal, while chartered financial analysts and others supporting BetterInvesting's principles provide a variety of potential investments to study.

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Stock to Study

Every month BetterInvesting Magazine's Editorial Advisory and Securities Review Committee, comprising volunteer chartered financial analysts who support BetterInvesting's principles, meets to select a Stock to Study for investors' informational and educational use. The goal of a Stock to Study is to provide a 100% return over the next five years.  A partially completed Stock Selection Guide that helps readers understand the stock's history of sales and earnings growth as well as management performance accompanies the Stock to Study article.

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Undervalued Stock

Besides choosing a Stock to Study, BetterInvesting Magazine's Editorial Advisory and Securities Review Committee, selects an Undervalued Stock for investors' informational and educational use. The goal of an Undervalued Stock is to provide a 20% return over the next 18 months. 

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Growth and Value Stocks

BetterInvesting's focus is on teaching you how to identify quality growth stocks that are selling at a price that will help you achieve your long-term goals. The magazine's editors provide screens created specifically for long-term growth stock investors, while regular contributors who follow BetterInvesting's analysis process discuss growth stock ideas, including international equities.

The magazine also explores Warren Buffett-style value investing. Chartered financial analysts educate you on value investing analysis and discuss stocks from the value perspective.

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Mutual Funds

Each issue of BetterInvesting Magazine includes education about mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, including guidelines regarding costs and fees, long-term returns versus benchmarks, and fund management. We also provide suggestions for fund studies and cover major industry developments.

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Stock Portfolio Management

In Repair Shop, one of BetterInvesting Magazine's most popular regular features, chartered financial analysts examine current portfolios of BetterInvesting stock investment clubs. The authors provide portfolio management tips, assess the portfolio's individual stocks, and provide commentary on the portfolio's diversification, return potential, and club operating and investing practices. 

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Financial Planning

No matter what stage of life you're in, the magazine's contributing certified financial planners can help you understand the latest in:
  • Investing for retirement
  • Saving for college
  • Living on a retirement income
  • Employing tax strategies
  • Planning your estate
  • Making charitable contributions
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Investment Education

BetterInvesting Magazine provides general investment education for all experience levels related to our four principles:
  • Invest a set amount regularly.
  • Reinvest earnings, dividends, and profits.
  • Invest in quality growth stocks and equity mutual funds.
  • Diversify your investments.
If you want more advanced education, the magazine helps you understand balance sheets, financial statements, and ratios used in stock analysis.

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