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BetterInvesting®, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, investment education organization is governed by the NAIC Board of Directors, which has the power to set policies, direct and oversee the management, volunteer activities and other affairs of the organization.  The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring BetterInvesting fulfills our nonprofit mission to educate individual investors and investment clubs to become successful lifelong investors. 

Governance and ByLaws

The BetterInvesting Bylaws provide the Board with the structure to guide the organization in fulfilling our mission.  They are updated periodically as needed. 

BetterInvesting Bylaws

Ethics & Conduct

The Board of Directors and management are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and conduct and promote the same throughout the organization.
Code of Ethics

Financial Reports

BetterInvesting is committed to transparency and responsible stewardship in financial reporting that goes beyond what is legally required of nonprofits.  Use the links below to access reports detailing our financial performance during the past five years.  Our fiscal year is from October 1 — September 30. 

Note that the Form 990 for the fiscal year in question uses the IRS form from the previous year.

2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report and 2020 Form 990
2020 Annual Report and 2019 Form 990
2019 Annual Report and 2018 Form 990
2018 Annual Report and  2017 Form 990

2017 Annual Report and 2016 Form 990
2016 Annual Report and 2015 Form 990 



Advertising Policy and Convention Guidelines

Advertisements on BetterInvesting websites, in our publications and other products, and appearances at our in-person events such as the BetterInvesting National Convention (BINC), do not constitute or imply endorsement by the association. Stocks mentioned in articles and editorial content published by BetterInvesting, and in any presentations (either in-person or online), are for educational purposes only. No investment recommendations are intended. You are urged to conduct your own studies of companies, stocks, products and services of interest. 

Sponsorship and Advertising 
Guidelines for BetterInvesting National Convention Sponsorship

Endorsed Products Policy

Providers of products and services that they believe support BetterInvesting's mission and membership are encouraged to submit an application for formal endorsement by the association. Information about the evaluation process and related policies are in the documents below.

BetterInvesting Endorsement Policy
Endorsement Request Form

BetterInvesting Endorsed Products

The following is the current list of products that have been endorsed by BetterInvesting for use by its volunteers and members.

Investor Advisory Service newsletter
myICLUB online club accounting and management
Federal and State Tax Printers for investment clubs

More information see

Intellectual Property Policy

This policy defines the ownership and use of intellectual property by all individuals who use BetterInvesting resources.

 Definition, Ownership and Use of BetterInvesting Intellectual Property

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