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Helping America to Learn About Investing

As a non-profit investment education organization it is our goal to provide programs of sound investment information, education, and support that helps create successful lifetime investors. Our primary method of doing this is by educating our members and individual investors. Our chapters offer many educational programs and resources at little or no cost. We currently partner with the following  organizations in support of our mission:     

FINRA Investor Education Foundation

BetterInvesting and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation have partnered as “fraud fighters” by enlisting all BetterInvesting Chapters to present the Outsmarting Investment Fraud  program in communities across the country. 

The purpose of this program is to provide investors with the tools and knowledge needed to recognize and prevent investment fraud. It also supports local community programs offered by BetterInvesting Chapters to improve investment fraud awareness and prevention. 

Program Objectives: 

  1. Increase citizen’s awareness of investment fraud susceptibility
  2. Teach citizens to spot and avoid the red flags of investment fraud 
  3. Offer an effective program structure that enables BetterInvesting volunteers to deliver the Outsmarting Investment Fraud program successfully

Learn more about this program by connecting with a local chapter.   
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Money Smart Week / Financial Literacy Month

BetterInvesting chapters host free events for the public during Money Smart Week and National Financial Literacy Month

Money Smart Week is a national public education program coordinated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and implemented annually by a network of supporters in the first part of April. During Money Smart Week, BetterInveting empowers people with the knowledge and skills to make better-informed personal financial decisions through in-person and online events. Our events focus on the crucial finance pillars of saving, spending, borrowing, and planning.

National Financial Literacy Month takes place throughout the month of April. Many organizations and business professionals promote the month by holding promotional events and creating educational materials that focus on teaching consumers how to effectively handle money and deal with debt. BetterInvesting, a nonprofit investment education organization, supports the mission of National Financial Literacy Month by sponsoring programs all across the country and online in support of improving financial wellness. 

Check with your local BetterInvesting chapter, the  BetterInvesting Upcoming Events webpage , or the Money Smart Week calendar of events to find a BetterInvesting sponsored event near you. 

MBA Research

BetterInvesting supports  MBA Research by providing free access to our online stock selection & analysis tools, and all educational resources to hundreds of high school teachers and students every year.     

MBA Research (Marketing and Business Administration Research and Curriculum Center) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. MBA Research was established in 1971 as an education foundation, and it is operated by a consortium of 26 state education departments. Its mission is to support educators in the preparation of students for careers in business. 
MBA Research

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