Why to Become a BetterInvesting Member

BetterInvesting teaches you how to invest profitably in stocks of high-quality growth companies to help you reach your long-term financial goals.

As a BetterInvesting Member, you have access to:

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Unbiased Investment Education - Where Wall Street And Main Street Meet

As a BetterInvesting member, you will have access to an in-depth and growing learning center designed for both beginning and experienced investors. 

We do not manage your money nor do we give advice on which stocks to purchase or sell.  We do teach you how to select high quality growth companies using our Stock Selection Guide, and we cover many investing topics. Our education will help you to invest successfully on your own, or as a partner in an investment club.  Every aspect of our membership is aimed at educating. 

Our primary channels of education are: 

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Effective Online Stock Selection and Stock Analysis Tools

BetterInvesting's suite of powerful online stock selection and analysis tools offer a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow methodology for selecting and comparing high quality growth companies. 

Powered by Morningstar stock data, they bring you up-to-date information on over 8,000 stocks. These tools will help you quickly narrow those options down to the stock selections that best meet your investment needs. BetterInvesting's suite of powerful online tools makes it easy to find, analyze and compare quality growth stocks any time of day on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Online Stock Selection Guide (SSG)

The online Stock Selection Guide (SSG™) is the foundation of the BetterInvesting stock selection approach. The SSG cuts through the clutter and organizes essential information on a company’s performance. This empowers individual investors to determine for themselves whether a company’s stock reflects a quality growth company, and whether the stock is selling at a reasonable price.
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Exclusive Investor Publications

Our publications are written by Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA®), Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), other investment experts, gifted writers and members of our community.

BetterInvesting provides a wealth of information written by knowledgeable financial experts and our dynamic investor community including:

  • BetterInvesting Magazine (available in print, online and in app).
  • First Cut Stock Reports, stock screens, stocks to study and stock ideas.  
  • Articles on financial planning, growth stocks and portfolio management.
  • Helpful handbooks.
  • BetterInvesting Weekly, a member-exclusive, one-stop, weekly e-newsletter highlighting national online education event announcements, First Cut Stock Reports, stock ideas, organization news, and useful tips.
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Dynamic Investor Community

Join our inclusive and inspirational BetterInvesting community

As a BetterInvesting member, you will be part of a large and dynamic investor community: a nationwide network of trained and dedicated chapter volunteers;  thousands of local investment clubs and an active online member community; plus opportunities to attend local, regional and national events. The BetterInvesting community is an invaluable resource of dedicated, experienced investors who volunteer their time and expertise to serve as instructors and mentors to both individual investors and investment clubs. 
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Create Your Own Investor Community 

It's better to invest together! Investment clubs are a safe and supportive way to learn sound, practical investing skills with your friends, family and/or co-workers. Participating in a club helps you become more engaged in the stock investing process through learn-by-doing. Best of all, it's fun to watch your club's investments grow. Learn More About Clubs


Money-saving member-only discounts

BetterInvesting offers our members special discounts on a variety of products and services.

As a member you will enjoy exclusive discounts on everything from investing software, investing newsletters, travel and car rentals, MetLife auto and home insurance, identify theft protection from LifeLock, and up to 80% off at Office Depot/Office Max.  

Save on your BetterInvesting membership and investor publications. 

We offer discounted multiyear memberships for both investment club members and individual stock investor members.  Join or renew for a two- or three-year membership and save!  You can also save 50% off of a subscription to the award-winning Investment Advisory Service newsletter.  

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Professional Member Support

How can we help? 

In addition to the wealth of information available on our member only website, and our extensive library of frequently asked questions, highly trained and knowledgeable Member Services representatives are eager to assist you with any questions you might have regarding benefits, tools, resources, and events.  Our friendly team of Member Services reps are always ready to help solve any problems or answer any questions. Don't hesitate to reach us. Our call center is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST. You can email us 24/7, and we will get a response back to you within the next two business days.  


Not sure how to start? Confused about investing?  We offer one-on-one consulting and mentorship to all of our members and clubs. Contract us today so that we can connect you to one of our Stock Investing or Stock Investment Club experts. 


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