Investor Outreach

Any company, with any budget, is able to get in front of our educated and savvy investor audience.

Ways for a public company to engage with our members:   

BetterInvesting understands institutional investors are a significant focus for investor relations professionals. But have you ever thought about the power of the individual investor?  Public companies have found BetterInvesting to be one of the leading organizations that offer the opportunity for "Wall Street to Meet Main Street."

Since 1951, BetterInvesting has been the premier nonprofit association helping over 5 million individuals invest more successfully. Our investors are savvy, active stock buyers as well as long-term shareholders. With above-average incomes and growing portfolios, our investors can assist publicly traded companies in creating a more balanced and diverse shareholder population.

The awareness and support of individual investors can engender stability, promote liquidity and provoke upside pressure to your company's stock. We are also able to help public companies efficiently and effectively reach individual investors even beyond our membership. Through the BetterInvesting National Convention and similar regional investor educational events, our effective online channels — including focused virtual company presentations, the BetterInvesting public and members only websites, electronic publications, social media outlets and our well-established printed and digital monthly BetterInvesting Magazine — your company can reach out to an extensive and diverse investor population.

BetterInvesting is one of the largest organizations for individual investors in the United States. Let us help you reach your retail investor targeting goals without taxing your investor relations staff and management. We have created several opportunities for your company to reach BetterInvesting members  —  the individual investor. 

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Become a Corporate Partner

Our partners are some of the most recognizable publicly traded companies on Wall Street.

To help our members develop and apply their stock assessment skills, BetterInvesting partners with dozens of publicly traded companies that want to support the association's mission. Members gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of these companies and the industries in which they operate through a variety of local, regional and national events in which the companies participate. In turn, participating companies are afforded unique investor relations opportunities centered on highly active, well-informed investors.

2022 BetterInvesting National Convention (BINC) Investor Conference

Deliver your corporate message to a large group of educated, high net-worth, long-term investors. 

In 2022, the BetterInvesting National Convention (BINC) will be held in Dallas June 23-26, 2022. It will be full of excitement as our savvy investors/members come from all over the country, especially the south region, to attend investment classes, investor presentations by publicly traded companies, meet with companies one-on-one in the exhibit hall and other events. This is a great opportunity to meet our attendees and deliver your corporate message to a large group of educated, high net-worth, long-term investors. 

Registrations by membership are expected to be approximately 475 due to the large concentration of BetterInvesting members just from Texas and adjacent states. Some recent corporate presenters and exhibitors include: Procter & Gamble; General Mills; RPM International; National Retail Properties; Aflac; Duke Energy; Mercer International; CVS Health; American States Water; Safehold; and Royale Energy. We expect presentation slots to fill up fast! 

For further information and specific pricing, contact Ken Zak, Director of Corporate Relations.

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BetterInvesting Regional Investor Conferences (BIRC)

Companies can reach our members/investors by attending one of our special regional events.

You can reach our members/investors by attending one of our special regional events. Conferences for investment education on a local, regional and national scale bring individual investors together for public company investor presentations, investment education, knowledge sharing and networking. This is a great opportunity to meet our attendees (under 150 per event) and deliver your corporate message to a group of educated long-term investors.

A Sample of  BetterInvesting Regional Investor Conference Locations:

Scottsdale, AZ 
Chicago, IL 
St. Paul, MN 
Denver, CO
Portland, OR 
San Francisco, CA 
Seattle, WA 

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BetterInvesting Magazine Advertising — Print and Digital

BetterInvesting Magazine helps subscribers make informed investment decisions.

This premier investment magazine is published in both print and digital formats, and keeps subscribers up-to-date on all the latest investment information, education, market and company news. Written by knowledgeable investing and financial experts, BetterInvesting Magazine covers all investor experience levels.

Low cost advertising rates make this publication an economical method to reach Individual Investors. Each issue is archived online — so your message is evergreen. Additionally, we have a  BetterInvesting Weekly newsletter (digital only) bringing members information for BetterInvesting educational events, member services, advocacy updates, corporate advertorials, banner ads, and the latest organization "buzz."

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Financial Fest

Co-Sponsored by BetterInvesting and MoneyRadio 1510 AM and 105.3 FM

Financial Fest is scheduled in Scottsdale, Arizona, date TBD, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort. This event, co-sponsored with MoneyRadio 1510 AM and 105.3 FM, is attended by approximately 1,000 investors in an area that attracts the perfect demographics for individual investors.

Additionally, BetterInvesting markets the event extensively to our membership/investors in the region — well over 2,500 — along with MoneyRadio, which markets to the general public within their broadcast frequency of Scottsdale/Phoenix and Southern California. As part of BetterInvesting's participation we have been given a special discount to offer our BetterInvesting Corporate Partners and other appropriate constituents the opportunity to exhibit, participate in Corporate Presentation slots, be featured in a 5-minute interview on MoneyRadio to be broadcasted to their listening audience, and/or generate visibility through advertising during the event. This is a great opportunity to meet investors face-to-face. Financial Fest is a very cost-effective way for companies to engage with retail investors. For further information and specific pricing, contact Ken Zak, Director of Corporate Relations.

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Investor Relations

Retail Investors Play an Important Role in Company's Stock Ownership


The following discusses the important role retail investors can play as shareholders of your company:

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