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BetterInvesting members enjoy exclusive access to our Club Connect program—a unique opportunity designed to connect like-minded individuals with investment clubs nationwide. Please note that Club Connect participation is exclusive to BetterInvesting members.

About Club Connect

Effortless Connection: Club Connect simplifies the process of joining an investment club. BetterInvesting members can connect with clubs actively looking to add new members.

Tailored Matches: Our program uses custom matching technology to consider factors such as location, gender, and other preferences, ensuring that individuals are introduced to clubs that align with their investment goals and style.

Confidential Matching: Your information is securely stored, and only shared with clubs that match your preferences. Your privacy is our priority.

How It Works:

  1. BetterInvesting Membership: To participate in Club Connect, you need to be a BetterInvesting member. If you're not a member yet, consider joining to unlock this exclusive benefit.

  2. Registration: Once a member, register for Club Connect. The process is quick, easy, and a complimentary service for BetterInvesting members.

  3. Connect: When a club reaches out directly, remember, there's no obligation—your decision to join is entirely in your hands.

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BetterInvesting and its local chapters do not endorse or otherwise recommend joining a specific investment club, nor are we affiliated with any investment club that participates in the Investment Club Connect program other than chapter run model clubs. Investment clubs are separate, private entities, composed of individuals who elect other club members. BetterInvesting does not guarantee investment results of any clubs.

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