Best Stocks to Buy

How do you find the best stocks to buy? How do you know when it is a good time to buy a particular stock?
  • When your friend on Zoom says so?
  • When some talking head in the news says so?
  • When you flip a coin, and it lands on tails?
There's a better way — a way backed by data and proven for over 70 years.

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Online Stock Selection & Analysis Tools

The BetterInvesting suite of powerful online stock selection and analysis tools offers an easy-to-follow fundamental stock analysis methodology for picking quality growth stocks. These tools help you quickly narrow down the options to find strong candidates for potential investment, making it easy to find, analyze and compare quality growth stocks any time of day.
“BetterInvesting takes the intimidation out of investing, with an easy-to-understand process and educational tools. Anyone can become a successful investor with BetterInvesting. I think the online tools are a game-changer. They provide data and analysis that helps you make smart investment decisions and build your confidence." – Lindsey Bell, Chief Markets and Money Strategist at Ally Financial
Learn more about the Online Stock Tools Suite: The Stock Selection Guide® (SSG®) is the foundation of the BetterInvesting stock selection approach. The SSG cuts through the clutter and organizes essential company performance and valuation information.

This method empowers individual investors to determine for themselves whether a company's stock reflects a quality growth company and whether it is selling at a reasonable price.

The Stock Selection Guide presents sales, earnings, profitability, price-earnings ratios, dividends and other fundamental data in a highly visual, logical format. Simple enough to be helpful to the new or inexperienced investor yet contains enough detail for the experienced investor to declare it their go-to tool.

The SSG organizes a company’s historical financial data to help investors identify the characteristics of quality growth companies and enable plotting of potential future growth from historical trends. The SSG also organizes historical price and P/E data to help an investor determine a reasonable price to pay for the stock.

Available in two tiers: CoreSSG and SSGPlus.

Key Features:
  • Compare selected stocks against key criteria with one click 
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Based on BetterInvesting methodologies of Investing
  • Powered by Morningstar Equity Data
  • Available 24/7 from any browser
  • Automatic updates with no software to buy, install or update
Your guide to making a good investment decision and investing profitably.
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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your membership, you can cancel within the first 30 days and pay absolutely nothing.

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CoreSSG presents the core concepts and conservative guidelines of the Stock Selection Guide methodology in an easy-to-use, step-by-step format for the new investor or the user new to the SSG methodology.


SSGPlus™ is more powerful than CoreSSG and is for the experienced user, featuring more reports, faster workflow and more screening options. Users already familiar with Stock Selection Guide concepts and/or who complete SSG studies regularly find the condensed format of the SSGPlus efficient to navigate.

SSGPlus offers more in-depth research opportunities than CoreSSG by providing additional graphs of fundamental annual data, quarterly data analysis and more portfolio reports. Regardless of the version of the SSG used, the methodology and the results are the same.

Key features of SSGPlus™:
  • Access to Ticker Heat Map
  • Faster workflow
  • Quarterly data
  • More data items on the SSG graphs
  • Bank analysis data
  • More reports for portfolio management
  • More predefined screens and screening criteria
  • More data items on the Stock Comparison Guide®
  • Ability to save more stock studies
  • Access to both CoreSSG™ and SSGPlus™
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Investors are constantly searching for new stock ideas, and BetterInvesting members have an advantage. To help find those hidden gems, use the Screening tool integrated with the premier stock picking software. 

The stock market screener feature available in the CoreSSG and SSGPlus online stock selection and analysis tools allows you to screen for companies in the Morningstar database using thirteen criteria consistent with the BetterInvesting stock selection methodology including size, historical sales growth, EPS R-squared, and more. SSGPlus users can also screen based on dividend yield, pre-tax profit trends, return on equity trends, and numerous other criteria.

The 13 criteria include:
  • Sales Growth (%)
  • Earnings Growth (%)
  • 5 Yr EPS R-squared (Earnings Stability)
  • Size - (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Sector - (Based on Morningstar's Global Equity Classification System)
  • Traded Exchange
  • + Dividend Yield (%)
  • + Pre-Tax Profit Trend (Up, Even, Down)
  • + Return on Equity Trend (Up, Even, Down)
  • + Morningstar Growth Grade
  • + Morningstar Profit Grade
  • + Morningstar Financial Health Grade
  • + PE / Historical EPS Growth
+ denotes features only available in SSGPlus

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Ticker Heat Map

The BetterInvesting Ticker Heat Map feature in our online stock selection tools is a resource of stock ideas based on the top 100 studies created by members in the last 90 days. This is a great place to see the companies BetterInvesting members are studying and what the overall sentiment is about the company.

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Non-members can utilize the limited, trial versions of CoreSSG and SSGPlus stock analysis tools on a small pre-defined list of stocks.
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The Stock Comparison Guide

The Stock Comparison Guide (SCG) helps you compare stocks to choose the best company in an industry or the best company on your watch list. The Stock Comparison Guide is suitable for beginning investors as well as experienced investors.

And there’s much more to our investing tools including portfolio reports, member sentiment, as well as custom predefined screening, and more.

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Portfolio Management

Gain a clear overview of portfolio performance and make more informed investment decisions with BetterInvesting's portfolio management tools and reports. 

These include the Portfolio Summary Report, Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique (PERT®) report, and the Portfolio Diversification report. 

The Portfolio Summary Report provides a snapshot of holdings including buy-sell zones, expected return and upside-downside ratios.

The Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) report displays quality and value-related information for the stocks in the portfolio in a single view. In addition, users benefit from warning signals of sub-par performance.

The Portfolio Diversification Report shows the portfolio's diversification in three ways: across sectors, across industries and by company size.  This is critical to following BetterInvesting Principle #4 – Diversify.

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