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One of the many benefits of becoming a member is having access to our stock ideas, stock lists, stock screens and  stock reports.

On our member site this section provides you lists of companies that are either popular with our members or that meet specific screening criteria. Some lists will be updated regularly while others will be added as features and remain on our member site for only a short while. Below highlights some different way we provide stock ideas.   

Top 100 Stocks Held By Club Members

Every year the editors of BetterInvesting Magazine compile the Top 100, a list reflecting the most widely held stocks among our stock investment club members nationwide. 

Our members frequently use this list to find quality companies to add to their stock portfolios. The magazine also lists Nos. 101-200 to spur additional ideas.

The magazine's Top 100 list is the basis for an index, the BetterInvesting 100, which is tracked daily. For more information on the index's holdings and performance, go to Solactive's webpage for the index.


Ticker Heat Map

The BetterInvesting Ticker Heat Map feature in our online stock selection tools is a resource of stock ideas based on the top 100 studies created by members in the last 90 days. This is a great place to see the companies BetterInvesting members are studying and what the overall sentiment is about the company.

Ticker Heat Map Example

Online Tools Stock Screen

BetterInvesting's CoreSSG (Stock Selection Guide) and SSGPlus online stock selection and analysis tools have a number of Predefined Screens built in to help members find companies meeting our quality criteria, and that make candidates for potential investment. Custom screening using 12 key criteria is also available in the tools.

The Predefined Screens include:

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Small Company
  • Roster of Quality
  • Quality + Dividend Yield

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5 in 5 TickerTalk Stock List

"Five in Five" is a regular feature in our TickerTalk Series in which the panelists offer up a couple of stock ideas that may be worthy of further study.

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Stocks Featured in BetterInvesting Magazine

There are many great companies featured throughout BetterInvesting Magazine. They appear in our Stock to Study, Undervalued Stock, Repair Shop columns, and more.

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