The program also provides existing clubs with an opportunity to see other clubs in action, watch how they operate, and take any insight back to their own clubs. If you're interested in visiting an active stock investment club, read our FAQs and “What Makes a Good Club” before visiting a club.

Visit A Club Near You

The Visit-A-Club program is sponsored by our local chapters. Follow these steps to find clubs to visit that are associated with your chapter:

1.)  Click the Locate My Chapter button below to go to the Chapter Listing page.
2.) Locate the chapter in your state and click on the chapte name.
3.) Click on the Visit-A-Club channel on the chapter's website to find a club to visit.

Locate My Chapter


BetterInvesting and its local chapters do not endorse or otherwise recommend joining a specific investment club, nor are we affiliated with any investment club that participates in the Visit-A-Club program other than chapter-run model clubs. Investment clubs are separate, private entities, composed of individuals who elect other club members. BetterInvesting does not guarantee results of any clubs.

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