How do I delete an SSG study from a portfolio?

First, select (click) the portfolio from the list of portfolios in the upper section of the My Studies page. After clicking on the portfolio row, the bottom list of studies will be just the SSG studies in that portfolio. The header of the bottom section will change to say 'Studies for Portfolio "Portfolio Name."'
Next, simply click the trash can (delete) icon on the row for the SSG study you'd like to remove. This action will prompt a popup box labeled 'Confirm Delete', offering you two straightforward options: 1. Remove from the portfolio (no delete) or 2. Delete permanently. 
Choose the first option to remove the study from your portfolio (unlink it) but not delete it entirely from your My Studies account.
Choose the second option to delete the study permanently from your account.
Click OK to finish the action or Cancel to cancel the deletion.

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