Open in full sizeServing all of Central Illinois, the Heart of Illinois Chapter (HOIC) of BetterInvesting was formed in 1986 by  BetterInvesting investment club  members living in the Peoria area.  From the beginning, they focused on running an organization which provides education opportunities for themselves and BetterInvesting members.  HOIC is the home of the legendary ‘Beardstown Ladies’ whose investment stories inspired many others around the country to form their own investment clubs.  Their books and videos helped to spread the investing methods promoted by BetterInvesting.

BetterInvesting promotes a long-term approach to investing based on four investment principles:

  1. Invest regularly
  2. Reinvest earnings
  3. Invest in quality growth companies at a reasonable price
  4. Diversify holdings across company size and industry segments. 

As part of an investment club, or on their own, BetterInvesting members use the organization’s tools like the Stock Selection Guide to learn how to analyze and buy stocks to hold for an average of five to nine years. Key factors in choosing whether to invest in a company include sales and earnings growth, profit margins and the stock’s valuation. Investment clubs, groups of family, friends and colleagues that gather monthly to learn about investing and pool assets and resources, are a popular, time-proven way to learn about the stock market. 

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