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Our current  KC Chapter Newsletter is Winter Spring 2021:

Here is our2021 KC Chapter Winter-Spring BI Newsletter. We have many interesting classes and some will be presented via Zoom and others at new locations. There are also some new classes this year. If you have suggestions for the newsletter or for classes you would like to see, let us know by clicking on contacts and send us your thoughts.

News & Articles
We intend to conduct a 2022 KC Chapter Education Workshop later provided it is safe from COVID 19.  We have a very interesting and experienced speaker in Abraham (Avi) Horwitz, who was the recipient of The George A. Nicholson Jr. Distinguished Service Award in Investment Education in 2016. He is a well-known presenter having taught at the Money Show, BINC and for BetterInvesting chapters nation-wide. Avi has written for BetterInvesting magazine and for the club section of the BetterInvesting website. He is a lifetime member of BetterInvesting and has been a member of NAIC/BI for over 20 years. Avi lives in New York City with his husband Jim.  Avi is a certified public accountant with his own practice in New York City.

Our 2022 KC Chapter Education Workshop Brochure will be much the same as this one:

2020 KC Chapter Education Workshop Brochure