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North Texas Represents!

Sharp eyed readers of BetterInvesting magazine will have noticed several mentions of North Texas Chapter members in the last few years.  It began with the August 2017 profile of the Women's Investment Network, the club of Patricia S. Baillif, our current VP of Education.

Angele McQuaid wrote that article,  where Patricia mentioned her "Wowza Shrimp Toast," a favorite at her club's Christmas party.  When Angele profiled Patricia the next year in the June/July 2018 issue , she said the Shrimp Toast mention "prompted the largest reader response in my 18 years as a BetterInvesting columnist."  At that time Patricia volunteered that her Bay Street Shrimp Canap├ęs was another favorite dish.

When Angele got the June/July 2021 cover story assignment on how BetterInvesting members made their dreams come true using the tools provided by BI, Patricia was just one of many contacts Angele reached out to.  Both of the women she suggested, Dinah Miller and Melissa Cox, are quoted in the article.