Investment Club Support

The Northeast Ohio Chapter provides support to BetterInvesting clubs in a variety of ways. The following subject areas contain valuable information in an effort to keep our investment clubs running smoothly and profitably.  Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

Club Visits

Investment Club Education Offerings

Free Visits:
Every BetterInvesting dues-paying club is eligible for one FREE club visit per calendar year. Popular 30 minute options are:  “Navigating the Online SSG,” “The Value of BetterInvesting,” or “Navigating the BI Website.”
Two Hour Classes
Cost: $10 per attendee, minimum of $100 

Why Invest in Stocks?: The market's 10% average yearly return for 100 years is evidence that it is safe over the long run. Learn how to buy more and pay less, build wealth, diversify, and have long-term success with stocks.

Navigating the Online SSG: Learn what “buttons to push” on the online SSG in an interactive, hands-on workshop. With confidence quickly complete an SSG! Learn as we navigate you through this tool. Laptop or tablet required.

Using Savvy Judgment:  Do you have questions about how to forecast earnings growth, pick high and low P/E’s, what P/E’s to cross out, or choose a low price? This class is for you!

Demystifying P/E Ratio:  The importance of the P/E ratio cannot be underestimated. Emotion drives the market, and the P/E is the indicator. Learn how not to let emotion get in the way of your buy and sell decisions. 

Deep Dive:  Do you have problem stocks in your portfolio that are keeping you up at night? Learn how to evaluate a company by completing our new “Deep Dive” Stock Workbook!  And learn when to sell!

Searching for Stocks to Buy: Do you know how to find quality growth stocks to potentially buy?  Using the SSG Stock Search Tool and Value Line’s Timely Stocks in Timely Industries, we can show you how to run the “acid tests” to determine a quality company.

Portfolio Tune-Up:  Using your holdings, learn portfolio management principles, sector diversification, and Better Investing principles for quality and value. No investment recommendations are made.

Louise Gregory, Club Visit Coordinator
330-666-8513 or

Club Contact FAQ

If you have questions about determining who your club contact currently is, how to change your club contact and other frequently asked questions, please see the attached document or contact us at

Please be sure that your club contact realizes that they will be the only one in the club receiving mailings and materials from the Chapter and that they should bring or forward copies of those items to the other members of the club.

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Club Anniversary Certificate Program

The Northeast Ohio Chapter recognizes clubs celebrating their incremental five year anniversaries. We believe reaching such a milestone is an achievement deserving recognition and congratulations from BetterInvesting. Home Office will be providing the Northeast Ohio Chapter a certificate for each investment club reaching this milestone. 
A chapter representative will reach out to the club contact of each investment club celebrating this special anniversary to make arrangements for the certificate presentation. Please be sure to let us know of any change in contact information with regard to your club contact by sending an email to

Thank you for being a BetterInvesting Club!