The Oklahoma Chapter is run entirely by unpaid volunteer Directors who give freely of their time and knowledge.  These volunteers are the heart-beat of BetterInvesting, a non-profit organization and volunteering is a great way to learn more about investing. 

Chapter Volunteers:
  • Can learn new skills or hone skills they already have.
  • Have the opportunity to help educate others about BetterInvesting principals while providing a needed service to the confused and frustrated investor.
  • Help with the planning and implementation of local events and classes...volunteers get to sit in on classes for free.
  • Have unique opportunities to improve their own investment knowledge by attending BetterInvesting national training programs and events at discounted rates.
  • Receive complimentary subscriptions to the Online Data Feed and the Mutual Fund Education Center on the BetterInvesting website.
  • Can buy software investing programs at discounted prices.
There are many ways to help your Chapter continue to grow and thrive into a successful organization.  Our mission is to serve the financial educational needs of the BetterInvesting members within our territory.  To accomplish this mission, we are always looking for individuals with administrative skills, organizational abilities, computer skills, event planning skills, publicity expertise, and we especially need teachers for our classes!  A shortage of volunteers places an undue burden on the few great volunteers we do have which prevents us from offering all the classes you may want as well as those we would like to offer.

If you are one of those people who want to learn more and like to lend a helping hand, we want you to join our Board of Directors as a Director (3-year commitment), as Associate Director (1-year commitment), or a Volunteer!  You don't have to be an "expert" ~ come join the fun and help teach others BetterInvesting. 

Here is an overview of the various volunteer roles in a BetterInvesting chapter:

  • What is a “Volunteer”? 
    A BetterInvesting member who wishes to contribute to the chapter.  A volunteer may be invited to become an Associate Director on the Chapter Board or, after service the prescribed “apprenticeship period”,  be eligible to be voted in as a director.

  • What is an “Associate Director”?
    A volunteer that wants to be involved in the leadership and management of the Chapter.  It is a prerequisite to being nominated for election as a full Director. It can be considered to be a training ground prior to election to full Director to determine if the candidate fully understands and accepts the duties and responsibilities of a full director. The Associate Director position affords the Chapter Board the opportunity to work and observe the candidate for a period of at least one year to see if the person is compatible with the Chapter Board and its purpose.

  • Who can be a Director?  
    Any Oklahoma Chapter member may be elected to be a Director after service as an associate director.  There are prerequisites to being a Director.  A prospective Director must first have satisfactorily served as either a Volunteer or an Associate Director for one minimum year.  

  • Who are the Officers of the Board and how are they selected? 
    The officers of the Oklahoma Chapter are a President, several  functional area Vice Presidents/Committee Chairs , a Secretary and a Treasurer.  Following the Annual Meeting and preceding the beginning of the next fiscal year,  the current President convenes a special Chapter Board meeting for the purpose of electing officers for the new fiscal year from the newly elected Board.  

Volunteers, associates and full directors receive deep discounts on BetterInvesting membership fees, online tools, classes and the BetterInvesting National Convention.