Model Investment Club

Philadelphia Area Model Investment Club

The Philadelphia Area Model Investment Club is sponsored by the Philadelphia Area Chapter of BetterInvesting.  The model club meets the second Saturday of each month, except August there is no meeting.

The club’s purposes are to:
  • Invest the club’s assets in common stock for the financial benefit of the partners
  • Demonstrate the application of BetterInvesting methods
  • Demonstrate well-run club meetings 
  • Continuously enhance the investing skills of the partners.
Members contribute an amount each month toward the club’s assets, which are used to buy stocks for the club’s portfolio. The monthly amount can range from $10 to $100, at the member’s discretion.

Meetings consist of a club business session, an education component, and the investing activities.

Anyone may attend our meetings to observe our operations and ask questions. There is no charge or other prerequisite.

To join the club you must: 
  • Be a member of BetterInvesting.
  • Have an E-Mail address and access to the Internet.
  • Be willing to learn how to use the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) for stock analysis.
  • Be willing to periodically analyze stocks and monitor companies in the club portfolio.