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Portfolio “Tune Up” Questionnaire

Has your club been around for a while? Do you enjoy reading the Repair Shop column in the BI Magazine?

Would you like to know if you are following the Better Investing Principles?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions then you may want to take advantage of a program offered by the local Better Investing Pittsburgh Chapter.  We offer a chance for your club to have your portfolio reviewed by our seasoned team of volunteers who will be glad to assess your portfolio diversification and level of risk.  With your additional input, the team can also comment on your stock analysis techniques and purchase behavior.

Please NOTE that the analysis of your portfolio and preparation for a presentation can take several weeks.  Please allow sufficient time for us to plan and prepare, as well as coordinate with you the time and date of your meeting.

If you would like to take advantage of this program, please complete this form and email to:  and for answers to questions that you may have.

Private Investors Road Show Classes for Individual Clubs  

Unable to make the scheduled class night?

Is the class you want offered too far from your neighborhood?

Is the class you require not offered in a timely manner?

Do you wish all your club members were equally informed?

The Pittsburgh Chapter offers a solution.  If you wish, an instructor will come to your club meeting (or any day you specify), based on instructor availability, and provide instruction on any subject of your choosing.  

Classes are tailored to your club's needs.  Cost is $10 per attendee with a $100 minimum per session.  Feel free to invite other local clubs, friends, or guests.  

You provide the meeting space and the students, we'll provide the instructor.

Please use the form below to request more information.

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Club Contact FAQ

If you have questions about determining who your club contact currently is, how to change your club contact and other frequently asked questions, please see the attached document or contact us at

Please be sure that your club contact realizes that they will be the only one in the club receiving mailings and materials from the Chapter and that they should bring or forward copies of those items to the other members of the club.

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Club Anniversary Certificate Program

The Pittsburgh Chapter recognize clubs celebrating their incremental five year anniversaries. We believe reaching such a milestone is an achievement deserving recognition and congratulations from BetterInvesting. Home Office will be providing the Pittsburgh Chapter a certificate for each investment club reaching this milestone. 
A chapter representative will reach out to the club contact of each investment club celebrating this special anniversary to make arrangements for the certificate presentation. Please be sure to let us know of any change in contact information with regard to your club contact by sending an email to

Thank you for being a BetterInvesting Club!