Local events are sponsored by the Sacramento Area Chapter of BetterInvesting, a dedicated group of volunteers who give freely of their time and knowledge. We need volunteers to assist the Chapter with some of the following functions:

Teachers Needed

We need teachers for our classes. Please consider being a volunteer instructor, if you have some teaching experience and a good knowledge of the BetterInvesting investing tools. 

Other Positions

  • Membership and club services - visit new and existing clubs (club visits)
  • Event registration
  • Plan and staff events
  • Publicity - arrange advertisements in local newspapers, community education brochures, etc.
  • Desktop publishing - flyers, newsletters and postcards.
  • Audio-visual equipment setup
  • E-mail list administration
  • Web page administration
  • Develop youth investing programs
  • Hospitality - organize refreshments at chapter events
  • Facilities - find and book facilities to hold chapter events
  • Supplies - sell BetterInvesting products at chapter events
  • Librarian -catalog and track chapter-owned materials.
  • Class monitor - help answer individual questions at chapter classes.
  • Presentation creator - create Powerpoint presentations for various classes.

Please email contact@sacramento.betterinvesting.net for details regarding volunteering opportunities in the Sacramento Area Chapter.