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Director Highlight

We are excited to bring you, our members and guests, the highlights from one of our chapter directors. We will highlight different directors periodically, so keep referring back to see all of us.

Bonnie Dumas

Bonnie founded a BI investment club in the 1990’s, inspired by the Beardstown Ladies. Everyone in the club read their book. My dentist introduced me to BetterInvesting initially. I left his office with clean teeth and several BI magazines.
At her first BetterInvesting National Convention (BINC), a BI volunteer introduced an Aflac company representative, explaining she had sent her children through college and taken a family trip to Europe - thanks to Aflac. Bonnie went home, did her research, and bought it too. She finally even got a duck. A few years later she had her own story. She totally paid for a new car with earnings from Factset Research stock.
For her nephew’s graduation gift recently, she transferred a share of her Starbucks stock, a longtime holding, and combined it with a small Starbucks gift card. He was so-o-o excited, as he is a big fan of the coffee and the ambience of their shops. A strategic move to encourage a new millennium investor …