Will BetterInvesting send a physical gift card?

At this time, we do not ship a physical gift card to you with the gift code. 

BetterInvesting provides the purchaser with an editable PDF that can be customized with the recipient's name and gift code. This PDF can be emailed or printed from home or a copy center to generate a physical gift card.

Gift Card Printing Recommendation

The gift card will look best when printed on #24 paper or any cardstock using a color LaserJet printer. If using a color inkjet printer, we recommend printing using the ‘high-quality’ setting.

A great way to print this card is by visiting a local Office Depot/OfficeMax. As part of your BetterInvesting membership, you can receive up to 75% off of select store products and services including at the print center!

Learn more at https://www.betterinvesting.org/members/welcome-to-betterinvesting/getting-started-with-your-membership/member-discounts.

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