How do I remove a study from my portfolio but keep it in saved studies?

To disassociate, remove or delete a study from a portfolio without deleting it from the database, first make sure you sign in to the CoreSSG or SSGPlus tool. The portfolio add functionality and delete functionality works the same in both tools.

Once you are signed in, click the My Studies tab on the left-hand side of the page.
If you do not already see a list of your portfolios, click the Portfolios heading near the left-hand side of the page to expand the Portfolios area.
Next, click on the portfolio containing the study you would like to remove. This action will limit the study display to only those studies in that portfolio.
From the list of studies on the page's lower part, click the trash can icon in the 'Actions' column next to the study you would like to remove.
In the next box, click 'Remove,' and then click OK.
The application will remove the stock from the portfolio and any associated portfolio reports. However, that removed study will remain in your account and the All Studies list.
If you want to delete the study from the database, select the All Studies portfolio, locate the study you would like to delete, click the trash can icon next to the study, and confirm the deletion in the displayed box.

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