Can I share my studies with other club members?

You can share your studies with other club members outside of the SSGPlus app by emailing them a PDF of your study, as follows:

  • With the study open, go to File > Share Study
  • In the new window that opens, select how you would like to share your study.
    • For club members who also have SSGPlus or CoreSSG Online Tools, we advise using the first option, Copy of Online Study.
    • For club members without Online Tools or without Toolkit, or who want to print a copy of the SSG study, we suggest using the Stock Selection Guide Report (PDF) option.
    • For members with Toolkit, who might want to apply their own judgment, the .ITK Data File option.
      If you aren't sure, you can always choose more than one option.
  • Your name will be filled in by default; we suggest to leave this as is, because whatever you enter here will be used as part of the subject line of the email we send out. For example, if your name is Bob Smith, the subject line of the email when it arrives will read "Bob Smith has shared a BetterInvesting study"
  • Under your name, there will be an option to send a copy to yourself. Checking this box will send a copy of the message to whatever email you have on file with BetterInvesting
  • Click on Select Recipients to open the address book and to choose the recipients of the shared study. To add someone to the address book, enter their name and email address in the top row of the box and click the Add button to add them.
  • Lastly, you can enter a personal message. The email we send out will always have the name of the file(s) you sent, the company's name, and your name. If you want to include anything extra, enter it in the personal message box.
  • Click the Share Study button, and we will take care of sending the email for you. If you do not see the blue Share Study button, you have not yet picked any items to share.
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