Which companies report using a bank template and have additional data available in SSGPlus?

The SSGPlus tool contains additional financial data for banks; total assets and return on average assets.

The Online Tools will show this data only for companies that report their income statement in a bank template format.

The bank income statement is typically used with companies where total revenue comprises the sum of interest and non-interest revenue (income).

The reporting company determines the income statement format, not Morningstar.

While most companies in the 'Banks - Diversified' and 'Banks - Regional' industries report their income using a bank template format, many companies in the 'Asset Management' and 'Credit Services' industries also report using a bank template.

For example, Ares Capital Corporate (ARCC) is in the 'Asset Management' industry and reports their income statement using a bank template. When looking at their financial data, most of their total income is derived from interest income. In contrast, T. Rowe Price Group (TROW) is also in the 'Asset Management' industry, but most of their total income is derived from investment advisory fees. They report using a normal income statement template. As a result, TROW does not have total assets or return on average assets data in SSGPlus.

You can obtain more information about financial statements for banks here: Financial Statements for Banks - Assets, Leverage, Interest Income (corporatefinanceinstitute.com)

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