How do I have the trend spark line show in the SSGPlus?

The SSGPlus has an option to show colorful small graphs (spark lines) to indicate the quality trend for Pre-Tax Profit Margin, Return on Equity and Debt to Capital rather than the words 'UP', 'DOWN' or 'EVEN'. To show the spark lines, click on Tools ->Preferences then select the Graph radio button under the Trend Display option.

For the spark lines, green is trending positively, yellow is stable and red is trending negatively.

Optimally, % Pretax Profit on Sales and % Return on Equity should show a green, upward trend. % Debt to Capital should show a green, downward trend.

When evaluating the data in the Evaluate Management section, it is acceptable for any of the data items to show a yellow, stable/even trend line.

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