How is financial data handled from foreign companies that report in native currency?

Foreign companies have the option of officially reporting their financial data in their native currency or in US dollars. Sometimes foreign companies that report in native currency will also include another view of the data in US dollars as a 'courtesy.' In that case, the company will disclose the conversion rate used to generate the 'courtesy' view in US dollars.

BetterInvesting receives the raw fundamental, financial data from the data provider in the same currency that the company provides their official filing/financial statements.

For the courtesy of our end users, the applicable financial data for companies reporting in non-US dollar currencies (excluding Canadian companies) is converted to US dollars (USD) by using an average conversion rate for the quarterly or yearly period. This average conversion rate may not be equal to the 'courtesy conversion rate' used by the company in their report so the financial data in US dollars may be slightly different between the BI products and the USD presentation view provided by the company.

Data reported in Canadian dollars (CAD) is not converted to US dollars.

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