How quickly does Morningstar update data after quarterly reports?

For large companies, if the company has filed a 10-Q or 10-K report with the SEC, the financial data updates are typically available in the Online Tools Suite within one to four business days after the company issues a quarterly or annual report.

Suppose the company files an 8-K report and a press release of complete financial information. In that case, the new financial data is classified as 'preliminary' data and is usually available within one to four business days.
If the 8-K filing contains only some relevant financial data, 'preliminary' data is not generated by Morningstar and is not available in the tools. In this case, data updates will only be available after the company files its 10-Q or 10-K report.

Morningstar may collect the data manually for companies that do not report via the SEC (FDIC filers like SBNY or OZK or companies trading OTC). Sometimes, Morningstar will only manually collect data upon a client's request. In that case, we will request updates for popular companies in the BetterInvesting community after an updated quarterly or annual official filing is available. However, it may take one to three weeks after requesting to see the updated data in the data delivered to BetterInvesting.

During earnings season, particularly in February and March, you may see additional delays in these estimates. Because of the volume of updates during earnings season, Morningstar typically prioritizes data from larger companies.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are concerned about data not being updated or have a specific question about a company.


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