Why is my study not showing in Member Sentiment?

When you open the study and go to the Member Sentiment tab, the app loads all Member Sentiment statistics into the browser data you see on the screen.
Member Sentiment requires these conditions to be met before the study shows in the list:
 All five judgments in the SSG study have been populated/completed – Forecasted Sales Growth %, Forecasted EPS Growth %, Forecasted High P/E, Forecasted Low Price, Forecasted Payout Ratio
The study is saved to the user’s account.
The study judgment date must be within the last 90 days.

If all of those conditions are met and you do not see the study in the list, perform a browser refresh or ‘hard refresh’ – CTRL+F5 together (on Windows) or CMD+F5 together (on Mac). This straightforward action reloads the study and the Member Sentiment data, ensuring your study data is promptly shown.
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