What do I do when I get a message that says, "Your connection is not private" when accessing the website?

When you encounter the message 'Your connection is not private ' with the reason code 'NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID ' while trying to access a website, it's crucial to understand the potential security implications and take immediate action.

The error is usually tied to the use of legacy systems (i.e., Operating systems and/or browsers that are no longer receiving updates), and the root certificate that validates websites has expired. It is important to note that legacy systems are at high risk for vulnerabilities and malicious actors and should be upgraded, replaced or removed from use.

You can, however, at your own discretion, download the updated cross-signed certificate from https://secure.globalsign.com/cacert/r1r6cross2019.crt.

You will need to find installation instructions for your device, as this differs between systems. Installing the certificate on your system does not alleviate or lessen the risk of your system being compromised.

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