What’s the difference between myICLUB and BetterInvesting?

BetterInvesting™ is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, investment education organization. Also known as the National Association of Investors™ (NAIC®), we have helped more than 5 million people from all walks of life learn how to improve their financial future. BetterInvesting provides unbiased, in-depth investing education and powerful online stock analysis tools to create successful lifelong investors. BetterInvesting staff, along with a dedicated community of volunteers across America, teach the organization’s principles and time-tested methodology to individuals and investment clubs.

myICLUB.com is an accounting and club management platform with a full suite of tools for investment club and investing partnership accounting, club operations, portfolio management, club communications, file storage, and much more.  myICLUB is the only investment club accounting program endorsed by BetterInvesting.

By registering with BetterInvesting, clubs receive:

  • One free Stock Selection Guide or Investment Club Operations Handbook ($25 value) 
  • General liability insurance which covers loss resulting from bodily injury to others or damage to property of others
  • Reduced-rate access to fidelity bond insurance which covers theft of club funds
  • Support and education from local chapters 

Plus all BetterInvesting club members receive:  

  • Subscription to BetterInvesting Magazine (available in print, online and in app).
  • Live educational webinars
  • Access to educational videos in the Video Learning Library 
  • Members-only access to First Cut stock reports, stock screens, stocks to study and stock ideas 
  • Local chapter training, support and events 
  • Member-exclusive BetterInvesting Weekly e-newsletter delivered to their inbox

By subscribing to myICLUB, clubs gain access to the accounting and club management platform of choice for most American investment clubs. This comprehensive software helps investment clubs organize and track their finances and prepare tax forms in accordance with federal tax law. 

Key features which clubs access via myICLUB include: 

  • Wholly private, personalized website for your investment club.
  • Full investment club accounting using the unit value system.
  • Transactions viewable by all members, but editable only by the treasurer or other authorized officers.
  • BrokerSync to import data each month from popular brokerage firms.
  • Online voting tools allow ballots to be shared and tallied in between meetings, or for regular voting for online-only clubs. Ballots are archived for the club's records.
  • Club calendar to schedule meetings, add deadlines, and keep track of club activities.
  • Portfolio management graphs and reports to provide insights into holdings.
  • Private file storage to store important club documents and research.
  • Customizable message boards to help club members communicate.
  • Integrated federal and state tax preparation module (additional cost) to generate required filings for the IRS and 15 states.
  • Wizards to aid in preparing for and wrapping up meetings, and to tackle other complicated tasks.
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