StockUp: Centering Your Stock Portfolio Managment

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8:00 pm - 9:15 pm ET
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Analyzing and selecting the right stocks is crucial for successful investing, but it's just the beginning. Your ability to manage your portfolio of stock holdings effectively is what ultimately determines your success. In this class, Cy Lynch demonstrates why it's better to focus on the potential impact a specific buy, hold, or sell decision will have on your overall portfolio rather than looking at a single stock in isolation. Using practical examples, Cy shows how this portfolio-centered decision-making methodology can simplify your investment decisions and remove emotions from portfolio management, especially when it comes to the often-dreaded decision to sell.

Cy Lynch is a seasoned educator for BetterInvesting. He joined his first investment club in 1984 and has been involved with BetterInvesting ever since. He received BetterInvesting's 1998 Thomas E. O'Hara Award and a Distinguished Service Award from the organization's Investment Education Institute in 2000. Cy has also appeared in Smart Money and Business Week magazines and writes the "Growth Stock Outlook" column for BetterInvesting Magazine. Currently, he serves as Chair of the BetterInvesting Board of Directors.

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