Our handbook series is designed to provide information and highlight tools to help individual investor and investment clubs become successful life-long investors. By using the series you will follow a self-learning pathway, gaining knowledge, and building experience to make informed investment decisions. The series provides information and resources for beginner, intermediate, and experienced investors. 

Stock Selection Guide Digital Handbook

The BetterInvesting Stock Selection Guide Handbook presents our time-tested approach and practical, unbiased guidance designed to help investors identify, analyze and select quality growth stocks.

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Investment Club Operations Digital Handbook

The revised edition of this manual will help you start a club, operate orderly meetings, understand club accounting concepts, and start investing as a club. 

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Mutual Fund Digital Handbook

You will learn how to select, compare and monitor stock and bond mutual funds and ETFs.

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Using Portfolio Management Wisdom Handbook

Learn how BetterInvesting’s portfolio management techniques can help you organize, track and manage a winning stock portfolio. 

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