You or Your Club Can Be Featured in the BetterInvesting Magazine

We’d love to hear about you or your investment club or both!

Write a description of yourself and/or your investment club similar to the stories that run in the back of the magazine. You’ll find them around pages 44-46.

The type of information to include is how your club got started, where it’s located, what makes it special, how it reaches investing decisions, what social activities and/or charities the club engages in, professions of members, what members enjoy about the club, etc. You might use the published stories as an example.

Or tell us about yourself, your career, your hobbies, why you decided to become a better investor and how your investing journey has benefitted your life.

Stories should be about 580 words long.

Include a picture of yourself or your club. The photo should be high resolution (300 pixels per inch). If a club, list members’ names from left to right, plus the names of members who aren’t in the picture.

All submitted stories will appear in the magazine. But don’t forget that the magazine is only printed 10 times a year and we print the stories on a first-come basis to be fair. We may also use your story on our "Member Story"  website or on social media.  

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