Club Renewal & Additional Club Members

Thank you for your BetterInvesting Club Membership. 

In this section you will find our online club renewal calculator, renewal PDF, Add-A-Member PDF and learn about multi-year discounts and a special offer just for clubs.  

Grow and Save! Enjoy Great Benefits When You Enroll 3 or More New Club Members :

  • Enroll 3 or more additional new members, and we’ll WAIVE one year of club dues (a $52 value)!
  • Enroll 5 or more additional new members and enjoy waived club dues plus a 42% savings on an upgrade to our Core Membership for the first year, which includes BetterInvesting’s invaluable CoreSSG online stock analysis tool and data service for only an additional $14 per member. 

Save money by updating to a multi-year membership today! To keep the club renewal process as simple as possible, clubs that want to take advantage of the offer must renew both their Club Dues and Club Memberships for the same number of years.  In other words, if the club renews for three years, the Club Memberships must be renewed for three years as well.  

Upgrade to Tools

BetterInvesting’s Online Stock Selection Guide (SSG) is the centerpiece of BetterInvesting’s stock selection methodology.  We recommend that you include either our CoreSSG or SSGPlus online tools when renewing.  When you include the online tools you will also gain access to our premium stock investment classes.

Learn More About Our Tools 


To determine your club’s renewal costs use the club renewal worksheet or use our online club renewal calculator. Club renewals cannot be renewed online. Please download the form and then mail/fax/email back,  

Renewal Worksheet Club Renewal Calculator

Add a Member

You don't have to wait to renew to add a club member. Download the Add-A-Member form and then email or fax it back to our member service team.   

Add A Member Form

Investment Club Pricing for 2020

Club Dues: $52 for a 1 year renewal
Club Dues: $100 ​for a 2 year renewal
Club Dues: $150 for a 3 year renewal (Best Value) 

Club Plus Membership: $120 for 1 year per club Member   
Club Plus Membership: $228 for 2 year per club Member   
Club Plus Membership: $343 for 3 year per club Member (Recommend Level)  

Club Core Membership:  $102 for 1 year per club Member   
Club Core Membership:  $194 for 2 year per club Member   
Club Core Membership:  $290 for 3 year per club Member

Club Basic Memberships: $45 for 1 year per club Member   
Club Basic Memberships: $86 for 2 year per club Member   
Club Basic Memberships: $128 for 3 year per club Member 

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