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The Stock Selection Guide® (SSG®) is the foundation of the BetterInvesting stock selection approach. BetterInvesting's online stock selection and analysis tools offer a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow methodology for selecting and comparing high quality growth companies. 

The Stock Selection Guide is available in two configurations: CoreSSG™ and SSGPlus™.

Powered by Morningstar stock data, they bring you up-to-date information on over 8,000 stocks. These tools will help you quickly narrow those options down to the stock selections that best meet your investment needs. BetterInvesting's suite of powerful online tools makes it easy to find, analyze and compare quality growth stocks any time of day on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

BetterInvesting’s online stock analysis tools and stock comparison tools are an included benefit to being a Plus or Core member. 


Stock Selection Guide Online Tools | SSGPlus

SSGPlus is the preferred version for the experienced user of the SSG. More powerful than CoreSSG, providing additional graphs of fundamental data, quarterly data analysis and more portfolio reports. SSGPlus users have access to CoreSSG and SSGPlus.

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Stock Selection Guide Online Tools | CoreSSG

The CoreSSG tool presents the core concepts and conservative guidelines of the Stock Selection Guide methodology in an easy to-use, step-by-step format for the beginning investor or an investor new to the Stock Selection Guide.

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