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2024 BINC – Sessions

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Beginner SSG Bootcamp Series I through V and Wrap-up Ken Kavula and Ann Cuneaz BetterInvesting methodology and the SSG are at the heart of our long-term investment approach. This series helps those starting or continuing their learning. It focuses on BI concepts, research resources, and judgment practice using the SSG online tool. Requires pre-registration.
Best Small Companies: Best Sources of Ideas Mark Robertson Recalling the community’s review of the Forbes annual list of Best Small Companies, this session explores the improved methodology and resources for discovering small company ideas after Forbes discontinued the feature.
Better Selling Disciplines: An Update Mark Robertson Discusses the nuances of selling stocks, including selling triggers and the impact of selling decisions on demonstration portfolios. It aims at those finding it challenging to decide when to sell.
Beyond Beginner (B2) Sessions I and II and Wrap-up Kent De Jong and Susanne Koster A hands-on workshop for deeper analysis of companies using BI tools and methodology. Participants, grouped for collaboration, will prepare an SSG and First Cut presentation. Pre-registration and prior BINC attendance required.
BI Gals Talk Stock Mary Enright, Kim Butcher, and Betsy Wills An engaging discussion with the BI Gals about stock choices from a female perspective, inspired by the differences in viewpoints highlighted in "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."
Build a Healthier Portfolio by Avoiding "Megastockfluenza" Doug Gerlach A discussion on the impact of over-investing in slow-growth mega-cap stocks and strategies for enhancing portfolio returns through diversification.
Building on Beyond Beginner (B3) I and II and Wrap-up Kent De Jong and Susanne Koster An advanced seminar focusing on developing best practices for analyzing equities with BI tools. Participants work in groups to prepare presentations.
Centering Your Stock Portfolio Management Cy Lynch Explores the importance of portfolio-centered decision-making and demonstrates how it can simplify investment decisions and manage emotions.
Coping with the Psychology of Investing Matt Spielman Discusses the psychological aspects of investing, including common pitfalls and strategies to manage them for more profitable investing.
Devil Made Me Do It Stock Kathleen Richards Learn how to avoid the allure of the "BUY" signal by making rational decisions about the SSG Selected Low Price, considering the business cycle.
Early Stage Investing: Discovery & Analysis Mark Robertson Exploring the methodology for analyzing early-stage companies and the importance of life cycle awareness in speculative investments.
Five Levels of Valuation: Know When to Avoid, Buy, Hold, Wait, and Sell Doug Gerlach Understanding the five levels of valuation to make informed decisions on buying, holding, or selling stocks based on BetterInvesting tools.
Five Signs Your SSG is Too Good to be True Kevin Gillogly Identifying over-optimistic SSG judgments and strategies to maintain realistic expectations in stock analysis.
Getting Risk Right Cy Lynch Challenging the conventional understanding of risk as volatility and exploring alternative risk definitions for long-term investors.
Getting Started with Options: Introduction to Trading Options Joe Mazzola Demystifying options trading with a focus on the basics, including terminology, risks, and strategic uses of call and put options.
Getting Started with Options: Cash Secured Puts Joe Mazzola Overview of cash-secured puts as a strategy for acquiring stocks at a discount or generating income. Learn the benefits, risks, and rewards.
Getting Started with Options: Covered Calls Joe Mazzola Learn about the covered call strategy, its obligations, risks, rewards, and entry/exit signals for generating portfolio income.
Healthcare Sector Rx: Investing in Medical Stocks Dan Boyle & Kamie Zaracki Understand the impact of healthcare companies on the economy, key sector growth issues, and opportunities for investment.
High Net Worth Conversation I and II Christi Powell Discussions tailored for investors with $1M in assets on accessing alternative investments and understanding the psychology of wealth.
How to Research, Compare and Replace a Club Portfolio Stock Irina Clements Guidance on researching industries, selecting stocks for portfolio fit, and using comparison guides for club portfolio management.
How to Hack Your 401K Akari Muhisani Insights into maximizing employer sponsored plans, understanding IRS limits, and exploring Roth options and self-directed investments.
Improve Your Returns Using Portfolio Management Craig Braemer Explore portfolio management basics, diversification strategies, position sizing, and tips for enhancing investment returns.
Investing with a Checklist Kim Butcher How using a checklist during stock evaluation can prevent overlooked information and improve investment decisions.
Investing in Dividend Stocks Ray Giese Outlines dividend investing strategies, identifying solid dividend-paying companies, and structuring portfolios for dividend growth.
Investing for Dividends Scott Horsburgh Techniques for identifying dividend stock opportunities for yield, rising dividends, and total returns from the Dividend Informer team.
Investor Insights: A Look into Fraud Trends Christine Kieffer Join FINRA to explore emerging investment schemes, understand high-risk product trends, and learn how to become a smarter, more informed investor.
Is It Reasonable or How to Read a Stock Selection Guide Ken Kavula Direct insights for novice investors on interpreting SSGs accurately, with benchmarks to question or confirm the analysis presented by peers.
Jumpstart Stock Selection with Investor Advisory Service Dan Boyle Discover how IAS selects stocks using BetterInvesting’s methodology and outperforms the market, with interactive Q&A to deepen your understanding.
Legacy Planning - Putting Your Estate in Order Christi Powell Essential guidance on estate planning to ensure your wishes are known and followed, easing the process for your loved ones with practical steps and resources.
Live Repair Shop Scott Horsburgh Professional analysis of a club portfolio, stock-by-stock, offering insights to improve your investing approach and decision-making process.
Making Sense of the CFRA Reports Kevin Gillogly Unlock the value of CFRA Reports as a potent investment tool for thorough analysis and better investment decisions, alongside or beyond Value Line.
Managing Your Portfolio for Total Return Kamie Zaracki Learn strategies for maximizing portfolio returns through effective management practices, focusing on both fundamentals and practical tips.
My Favorite Things Ken Kavula An exploration of the most useful features of SSGPlus for enhancing stock analysis and making informed investment decisions.
Never Stop Learning: Invest for the Future and Protect Your Nest Egg Lori Schock A presentation on the significance of continuous learning in investment, featuring SEC’s resources for investor education and fraud prevention.
Owning an Economic Moat Can Help Your Portfolio Craig Braemer Discover how identifying companies with strong economic moats can lead to better investment choices and a stronger, more resilient portfolio.
ROE, ROE, ROE to Float Your Boat Ron Mauer Understanding the importance of Return on Equity in investment decisions and identifying potential red flags.
Roundtable at BINC Ken Kavula, Cy Lynch, Mark Robertson, Kim Butcher Monthly discussion on portfolio strategies aimed at outperforming the market with live picks and analysis.
Follow the Money Kim Butcher Discovering profitable stocks through proven online resources, with insights into Kim's selection process.
Stock Diversification: Why You Need It Now for Your Portfolio Doug Gerlach Strategies for a thoughtfully diversified portfolio to manage risk and enhance returns, adhering to BetterInvesting's guidelines.
Technical Fusion I and II Ralph Acampora Merging fundamental and technical analysis to identify prime buying and selling opportunities for quality stocks.
Technology Trends and Live Industry Study Suzi Artzberger and Irina Clements Exploring technological disruptors and forecasting future growth areas with live analysis of potential investment opportunities.
The Next Generation of Investment Clubs Daniel Guerra NAIC BoD and Demetrius Barnes Envisioning the future role of investment clubs in investor education, professional development, and community building.
The Space Between the Lines Mary Enright A novel approach to analyzing company expenses using the SSG, revealing insights hidden within traditional financial metrics.
The Tax Man and Your Retirement Christi Powell Effective tax management strategies for retirement planning to optimize income and minimize tax liabilities.
Trim or Sell - Which is Better for Your Portfolio? Craig Braemer Examining the benefits and considerations of trimming vs. selling stocks to balance and optimize your investment portfolio.
Two Guys Talk Stocks Ken Kavula and Mark Robertson A dynamic stock discussion show led by Ken Kavula and Mark Robertson, known for its engaging, no-limits conversation on stocks.
Using Cash-secured Puts to Purchase Stock Joe Mazzola An introduction to using cash-secured puts as a strategy for buying stocks at desired prices while potentially earning income.
Using Mutual Funds & ETFs to Build Out Your Portfolio Ray Giese How to use mutual funds and ETFs for achieving better asset allocation and diversification in your investment portfolio.
Weed and Feed Your Portfolio Kathleen Richards Strategies for evaluating and optimizing your investment portfolio to ensure its growth and alignment with your financial goals.
What's New in Online Tools Suzi Artzberger Updates and highlights on the latest enhancements to the CoreSSG, SSGPlus, and Stock Comparison Guide tools for BetterInvesting users.
What's Inflation Got to Do with Stock Investing Cy Lynch Exploring the impact of inflation on stock investments and strategies for adjusting your portfolio management in response.
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