The BetterInvesting Alaska Chapter is here to serve the entire state of Alaska.

We provide support services to BetterInvesting investment clubs and club members, individual BetterInvesting members, and anyone else interested in investment education.  BetterInvesting is the trademark name of the National Association of Investors Corporation, a non-profit, volunteer driven, educational organization founded in 1951.

We hold monthly Chapter meetings open to public on the first Saturday of every month from 10 A.M. to noon.  We have classes from the fall through spring, and either an Education Fair or Investor Fair in the fall each year.

Directors will visit your club to answer questions through our Club Mentoring program.  Directors will also provide classes to individual clubs around the state upon request through our Class On-Or-Off the Road program.  Click here for more information on mentoring or classes we offer and look for the appropriate article.

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