Model Investment Club

From our beginning, BetterInvesting has used model stock investment clubs as a vehicle for demonstrating our common-sense investing principles and sound club management in a “live” setting, thus providing real-time learning for investment clubs, individual members, and prospective members.

As part of our educational programs, model clubs conduct formal meetings in a public setting so that guest attendees can experience an actual stock investment club meeting.  A model stock investing club’s primary role is to be the “learning lab” for attendees to study both BetterInvesting principles of fundamental stock investing using the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) and learn about club operations and management.  This better enables club members and guests to begin applying these principles and practices to their own investment clubs and/or personal investments.

Our chapter does not have a “home grown” model investment club at this time.  To provide our chapter members with convenient access to the model club experience we have curated a list of three model clubs that our board considers to be exceptional examples to share with you that are in our sister chapters.  All hold online meetings, and all visitors are warmly invited to attend.  The links provided below bring you to each club’s online registration portal.  Once you register for a meeting you will be automatically registered for all future club meetings.  You will be sent reminder emails with your personal access link a week, a day, and an hour ahead of the meeting.

Please provide your feedback on your club visits and experience as a guest to so that we may continue to improve our service to you.

Online Model Stock Investing Clubs

Curated list of Online Model Stock Investment Club Meetings

Attend an online model club meeting to learn more about investment clubs, or to get ideas for your own club.


Space Coast Model Stock Investment Club Meeting
North Florida Chapter, meets 1st Monday @7:30 PM ET (3:30 PM AKT)


Lone Star Online Investment Club 
 North Texas Chapter, meets on 2nd Tuesday @7:00 PM CT (4:00 PM AKT)

West Texas Model Investment Club
West Texas Chapter, meets on 2nd Saturday @9:00 AM CT (6:00 AM AKT)


Silicon Valley Chapter Model Investment Club
Silicon Valley Chapter, meets 3rd Monday, @ 7:00 PM PT  (6:00 PM AKT)

Achieving Critical Mass (ACM) Model Investment Club
Inland Empire Chapter, meets 4th Monday, @ 6:30 PM PT  (5:30 PM AKT)