Did you know the BetterInvesting CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA Chapter, a non-profit organization, consists of volunteers donating their time and talents to provide Educational and Investors Fairs, Investment Software and Educational Classes, plus many more activities for the benefit of BetterInvesting and individual members?

We would like to expand further and provide educational programs to young people (our future better investors) and present classes and learning opportunities of interest to our members.

We need you as a VOLUNTEER. Please consider the Chapter as you explore ways to give of your time and talents. If you are a teacher, professor, computer wizard, facilities procurer, an event planner, or have other skills to share, please consider the Chapter as an outlet for your talents in ways to become involved.

For more information on how you can help the Chapter in your own way and play a part in our future, please feel free to email us at contact@centpenn.betterinvesting.net . We hope to see you at our meetings, and will enjoy the new enthusiasm you bring. 

Chapter Address 
BetterInvesting Central Pennsylvania Chapter
C/O Elizabeth Rodda
P.O. Box 651
Dauphin Box 17018