Model Investment Club

Maryland Model Investment Club (MMIC)


README: After a successful long run for the MMIC, the COVID pandemic set in and the volunteer who started and mostly ran it had a career move to another state. We had switched to online meetings, but needing a regular host, and the loss of a few members, the Chapter rethought the MMIC purpose and goals. We couldn't get anyone willing to be in charge of running the IC and with all the effort of actually holding real stocks, managing funds and issues with declining interest from members, we came to the conclusion to end the MMIC.

Still wanting to be able to teach/demonstrate how to start and run a successful investing club we are choosing to follow the lead of several other Chapters in running a virtual, (no actual money) online IC. The Treasurer stated with IRS rules we’d be way better off waiting until year end, selling all holdings and the final distribution to members and and closing the books with the last IRS filing.

The Chapter is careful about not taking on more activity than we can comfortably handle so as we plan how to start the virtual IC we’re open to suggestions and hoping to get volunteers interested in leaning the basics of starting and running an IC. If interested in learning or actually assisting in this new endeavor please contact the Chapter at the email at the bottom of this page.

The purpose of the MMIC is:

  1. To provide educational opportunities for members of the Maryland Chapter of BetterInvesting (hereinafter referred to as "BI") and members of the general public.
  2. Serve as an example of how an investment club should successfully operate by capturing decisions, decision process, and how the MMIC operates in order to share with others.
  3. To invest the assets of the MMIC solely in stocks, bonds and securities, for the education and benefit of the partners.
  4. To follow the BI philosophy for stock investing.  

Do you want to be involved in an investment club (IC) ? Looking for investment ideas? Try participating in the MD Chapter's Model Club, the Maryland Model Investment Club (MMIC).  MMIC follows Better Investing principles and best practices. ‚Äč

Cost: Free and open to the public to sit in on MMIC meetings.
Must be a BetterInvesting member to join and actively participate in MMIC.

As a visitor, you can attend, comment, ask questions about Investment Club operations etc.  Most meetings review existing stock holding, or screen suggested buys using the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) and review the portifilio using the Porfolio Evaluation Review Technique  (PERT). Use the MMIC email address below to get information.

On-site Meeting have been suspended due to the pandemic. The MMIC meetings are being conducted online (virtual) same date and time.
MMIC  The IC often has an education presentation on stock investing. meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  10:15 am- 1pm

When we resume physical meetings we anticipate  in person meetings to continue  at the :
Howard County Library
Savage Branch Library*
Carl Sagan Meeting Room
9525 Durness Lane
Laurel MD 20723
*If that time slot is still available when restrictions are lifted.  The location/time may change.

Drop by for a visit and network with other like minded long-term investors.  Everyone welcome, but if you're new, please email us to let us know you're coming.  As we look forward to in person meetings,  we also expect to continue online attendance for the convenience of members not close by. 

Questions about other services the Maryland Chapter of BetterInvesting offers email us: