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2024Stockpicker's Contest

The 2024 BetterInvesting Maryland Chapter Stock Pickers Contest

The Contest Rules and Entry Form can be found here


Contest runs for 30 WEEKS... Jan. 27, 2024 - Aug. 24, 2024
Contestants receive ‘A MYTHICAL’ $50,000 to invest in 5 to 15 stocks.
2 Trading days to make changes to your portfolio..

 Each Maryland Chapter club or individual member is allowed one entry. To win, you and/or your club must be a member of Maryland Chapter throughout the contest period. Maryland Investment Clubs are defined as having one Maryland Chapter member of the club designated as the BI club contact. Many club members in the Maryland Chapter DO NOT have a club contact designated. If you are not sure who your club contact is contact the Maryland chapter (

12 or more entrants - 1st place $100; 2nd Place $50; 3rd Place $25
7 to 11 entrants - 1st Place $25
Must have at least 7 entrants for contest to run.
The 2024 BetterInvesting Maryland Chapter Stock Pickers Contest
The Contest Rules and Entry form will be posted on the Maryland Chapter’s web page in late December.

After contest starts Email the file to:

COST FreeBut donations gratefully accepted. Use your PC or cell’s bank Ap. Log on and activate and use the Zelle function. It is one of the most popular services and is over a decade old, and many banks use it. There is no cost to send funds on most banks.
To send the Maryland Chapter a donation, open your bank AP, click on Zelle and “add’ a recipient, our email address, That is our BetterInvesting Maryland Chapter email for ONLY this purpose.

For questions about just the Stock Picker's Contest, contact us .

If you’re not a Zelle user, learn more on


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