General Contact Information

The Mid-Michigan Chapter is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide education and support services to BetterInvesting members and clubs in its area. The Mid-Michigan Chapter now includes all of Michigan except for the Detroit metro area and the Upper Peninsula.

Primary Contacts

Chapter Volunteers

Karen Beauregard, Director

Reinhild Bednarski, Director

Roger Donaldson, Director

Ruthetta Dornbos, Director

Ronald Graunke, Director

Robert Gremel, Director

Natalie Kavula, Director

Kenneth Krawczak, Director

Donna Lane, Director

Cynthia Leet, Director

Herbert Lemcool, Director

Susan Lynch, Director

Patricia Michalski, Director

Jean Murray, Director

Milo Olson, Director

Geraldine Prieskorn, Director

Mary Reynolds, Director

Mark Robertson, Director

Judy Smith, Director

Carolyn Sturgis, Director

Paul Witt, Director