Come and join a dedicated, fun group of people who share of their time and experience to help others become successful stock investors using BetterInvesting's stock selection methodology. Along with the camaraderie and learning that volunteering can provide, there is the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped others.

The New Jersey Chapter provides services to members of BetterInvesting investment clubs, individual members and anyone else in the area who wishes to learn and follow the BetterInvesting guidelines. The chapter is staffed by trained BetterInvesting members who are dedicated to educating investors in our geographical area and we are always in need new volunteers to fill a variety of jobs.

Requirements and Benefits

The following is a list of tasks that may be of interest to you in assisting the Chapter:
  • Prepare monthly postcards using a MS Word format. 
  • Explore Advertising opportunities via Newspapers in the Counties that are in the Chapters area of responsibility.
  • Help the Chapter get a Facebook presence with its message.
  • Setup and manage a brochure table at each Chapter live event.
  • Help present a stock study at a model investment club meeting.
  • Look for new locations for investing classes.
  • Explore scheduling availability of meeting rooms. Consider the advertising opportunities available in the new area.
  • Help with visits to clubs.
  • Opportunity to apply and pass on to family, friends, and community what you learn about investing and about data and training available.
  • Reduced annual PLUS membership renewal fee.
  • Online stock selection tools with Morningstar data.
  • Website Stock Analysis content, including First Cut, StockUp, TickerTalk Online Tools – Core SSG, SSG Plus, Stock Comparison Guide access to free training information on our Volunteer Resources BI Website.

Volunteer Summary

  • Pay membership at a reduced renewal fee
  • Attend annual election and planning meeting.
  • Attend at least 2 out 4 of Chapter's Board meetings
  • Attend at least one live or recorded BI volunteer training webinar per year.
  • Attend at least one live or recorded BI education webinar per year or attend BetterInvesting National Convention (BINC).
  • Assist the chapter as determined by your interests, skills and the requested support of the Chapter.
When helping in these activities the volunteer is learning new investment ideas.